January 5, 2019

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever developed something in my neighbourhood’

One might expect a developer who has built thousands of condos and billions of dollars worth of highrises around the city to be particular about their own home.

David McComb, the CEO and founder of Edenshaw Developments, is a case in point. When he moved with his young family from his hometown of Vancouver to pursue his career in the GTA 20 years ago, he chose to settle in Port Credit.

“It’s a lovely area,” he says of the historic lakefront village. “There are 120-year-old oak trees on our property, the area’s heavily forested, but it’s right on the water as well.”

Now, he’s developing a new project, called TANU, in his own backyard — or, to be more accurate, a 10-minute walk from his house.

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