June 7, 2022 | Urban Toronto

Edenshaw Unveils Art by James Hart at TANU Condos in Port Credit

A sculpture and art installation by internationally acclaimed Haida artist James Hart was recently unveiled at TANU Condos in Port Credit, Mississauga.

The sculpture is of a Raven, and is located on TANU’s private amenity terrace. It will integrate thematically with the residence, which is named after the eponymous island located in British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii.

“Edenshaw Developments approached me a few years back and asked if I would be interested in creating pieces for Tanu, and of course, I was,” said Hart. “The first piece was the bronze Raven, which depicts the face of my mentor and fellow Haida artist, Bill Reid, on its chest. This Raven embodies Reid’s spirit and is a piece I had originally created for the Bill Reid Gallery located in Vancouver, BC, to honour his legacy.”

In addition to the sculpture, a custom windscreen is also part of the art instalment, located adjacent to the entrance of the 15-storey residence. At ground level, the windscreen illustrates across five panels the story of how the Raven stole the world’s first light and bestowed it to humanity. Myriad stories about the Raven have been told for many thousands of years in Haida mythology.

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