March 29, 2016

Advanced technology becoming a standard condo feature

Advanced technology becoming a standard condo feature

Changes in the real estate industry brought on by information technology and electronic advancements are phenomenal.

Last year, we saw an amendment to Ontario’s Electronic Commerce Act, and it became legal to sign agreements of purchase and sale electronically.

The practice is still being phased in as experts determine how to ensure the reliability of electronic signatures — that they actually represent the people they claim to.

Once this practice becomes widespread, it opens the door to tremendous flexibility, with buyers able to seal their deals quickly from anywhere in the world.

That’s just the beginning. When it comes to condominiums in the GTA, especially Toronto, advanced technology — or at least wiring to prepare for upcoming new apps and services that eat up bandwidth — is becoming a standard amenity.

Fortunately, we have entrepreneurial service providers who have created ways to handle the ongoing demand for more tech capabilities.

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